My name is Ahmed El Zein,
I am an Australian/Egyptian (my dad is originaly from Egypt and my mother is from Australia). I am a Muslim Alhamdullilah (an Arabic word meaning ‘Thanks to Allah’ ). I married a wondrous person (Eman Mohammed AbdelRahman) on January 2005 and we are hoping for at least a dozen children 🙂

We have achieved 1/12 of the plan by being blessed with Mariam on the 7th of December 2006.

I have been living in Canberra, Australia since March 2007. I am getting my Masters from the ANU. I spent the previous 10 years in Egypt where I was living since 1995. While in Egypt I worked at Gawab.com as their Operations Manager (a fancy name for a SysAdmin… people in Egypt seem to think SysAdmins are not as good as developers )

I plan to eventually move back to Egypt! 🙂 I guess I am used to living in Arabic countries even though I look like a foreigner! Plus Egypt is drowning in corruption and theft and it needs a few good people [Arabic link] to stay put and fix up a few things!

Here is an old CV! I will have to update it soon.