Friday Sermons

The ANUMA invited me to give a kutba on the 10th of August. This was my first kutba and alhamdulillah, it was successful 🙂
I thought that it would be cool to keep record of any kutbas I give and I do hope to give a few as I have found this to be an enriching experience where not only are you forced to explore new knowledge but also to to follow the teachings you have uncovered (so as not to be a hypocrite)

  • 01.02.2008 Seerah and the Rebuilding of the Ummah – Introduction
  • 28.12.2007 Living Islam
  • 19.10.2007 Salat, Training to be a better person
  • 21.09.2007 Achieving Your objective In Ramadan
  • 10.08.2007 Brotherhood in Islam