Egyptian 2010 Elections

Sunday, the 28th of November 2010 was a sad day for Egypt. It was a day that could have been the beginning of a new era of progress and justice. It was the 2010 parliamentary elections in Egypt.

Unfortunately the ruling dictatorship had other ideas. It followed its usual tactics of hiring thugs to scare off the voters. It prevented voters from voting unless they saw that the ballot was marked for the National Democratic Party (which is neither nationalistic nor democratic in case you hadn’t guessed) and arrested anyone who demanded their rights with too loud a voice.

One asks himself; How can change come about while this police state continues to disregard the law and terrorize its populace? And why do western powers (who claim that they promote freedom and democracy) continue to support this corrupt and evil government both financially and politically?

It has been my observation that people rarely are granted freedom. They usually have to wrester it from the hands of their oppressors. They fight and struggle to gain their freedom, not necessarily by coup or war, sometimes just by being willing to die or be beaten or spend years in jail. The price of freedom is great, but freedom is worth it!

When the majority of Egyptians feel and act this way, then we will gain our freedom and Egypt once again will claim the throne of the Arab world. Then shall the world once again be bathed in the light that is Egypt. Then shall the Egyptians once again raise their heads and be proud to be Egyptians.

One Response to “Egyptian 2010 Elections”

  1. Ahmed Amin Says:

    كلنا شاهدنا حالات التزوير والتسويد الى جانب ارهاب الناخبين وشراء الأصوات، الى جانب أعداد كبيرة من البلطجية
    شارك معنا وكن اداة لمحاربة الفساد و الظلم و كن اداة من ادوات التغيير
    هو ويكي ليكس مصر وهو موقع الكتروني جديد يصدر في امريكا لمحاربة الفساد و الظلم