At long last I submit my thesis

Today I finally submitted my thesis titled “Use of Graphics Processing Units for Sparse Matrix Vector Products in Statistical Machine Learning Applications”. The relief I feel is amazing. To all the research students out there in the final stages of submitting, may your journey be easier than mine.

I am off to watch a movie or something….

3 Responses to “At long last I submit my thesis”

  1. Mohamed El Deeb Says:

    Al Salam Alikom W Ra7mat Alah W Barkato

    Really Alf ALf Alf Mabrook ya Zien , it’s come from God blessing and sure your hard work, l kol mogthed naseeb, w rabna ywafa2ak isa w trga3lna bal salama.

  2. Dennis D Says:

    Hello Zein, congratulations on your thesis. Is it possible to obtain a copy of your paper somewhere? Can you please provide a link, or email me a copy? Thank you! Dennis

  3. Ahmed Says:

    I am not allowed to publish my thesis until it is examined and approved. Once that happens I will upload it.