Must the Friday Khutba be delivered in Arabic?

A few weeks ago I approached one of my Muslim brothers here in Canberra to participate in delivering of Khutba’s at the Muslalah at the ANU. He told me that he had a 2 issues with the prayers being held at the Muslah. One of them was that the Khutba must be given in Arabic. He guided me to an article by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, that argues that case.

I believe that Islam is a practical religion and that its laws reflect that practicality. I also believe that when faced with different opinions from reputable scholars, it is our job to chose the opinion that maximizes benefit for the Muslim Umah.

Faced with my brothers gentle request to accommodate him, I started to research the subject. I immediately aimed my browser at Islam Online where I know there exists a fatwa bank. I found a few articles and several fatwas on the subject.

articles on the subject:
Delivering the Friday Sermon in a Language Other than Arabic
Role of Friday Khutbah
Friday Khutbah in the Language of the Audience
There, I found a multitude of fatwas that permit giving the khutba in a languge other than Arabic.
I also found this link from the Islamic Research Foundation International, Inc. whom I have never heard of.

I think that it is safe to say that there is no problem in giving the khutba in English.

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