The perfect Laptop

Different people like different things. Different people fantasize about buying different things. I fantasize about gadgets. My latest fantasies have been about the ASUS EeePC. The 4G model sells for $399, has a 7″ 800×640 screen, runs Linux and looks beautiful.
This is the sort of laptop that I have always dreamed of having yet could never afford. The only thing that is not perfect is the relatively low 800×640 resolution. At CES this year, ASUS have announced 8″ and 8.9″ versions of the EeePC. The 7″ and 8″ EeePCs are the same size and the screens have the same 800×640 resolution. I am hoping that the 8.9″ EeePC has a 1024×600 resolution. Interestingly ASUS EeePcs have been seen running splashtop (an instant on Linux based OS). Could things get crazier ?

Also of interest is the Everex cloudbook (also $399) based on the VIA nanobook design. It has been announced to start selling on the 25th of this month. The cloud book as a longer battery life and a 30GB HDD (vs the 4GB SSD on the EeePC). If after looking at the pictures, you are wondering where the touch pad is then take a look at this video
Anyway between them there should be a very cool laptop waiting to be bought when I visit the USA in July. If you are as interested as I am then suscribe to the RSS feeds of Cloudbooker and Eeeuser

2 Responses to “The perfect Laptop”

  1. Faris Says:

    A3oozoo billah!! You said it right though “different people like different things” Guess I’m a MacBook Air type-a-guy!

    P.S.: Keep up the good work!

  2. Ahmed Says:

    What!! A MacBook Air?? What can you see in it? What real advantages does it have over the Macbook?

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