I am at SC07 :)

I am writing this post from SC07 in Reno NV, USA. I am presenting a poster titled The Sony PlayStation 3 and the NVIDIA 8800 GPU: Performance and Programmability Evaluation for Machine Learning. Big title, huh?

I am really happy to be here. This is my first conference and so far I am impressed. Yesterday I attended the High Performance Computing on GPUs with CUDA tutorial. It seams that this tutorial had the largest registration in the history of SC. It was really good (even though I already new alot of the stuff). They had a very good talk on performance optimization which I am of course interested in as I am working on the NVIDIA 8800 GPU.

I hope that I can create some good contacts and meet some new people.


I got an email a few days ago that pointed out to me the fact that my SC07 poster is not available for download anywhere! I am remedying this by uploading it here

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  1. AbdelRahman ElGammal Says:

    Yes, very big title 🙂

    Masha’Allah, I’m happy for you Zein. I know that by the time I’m writting this you may be forgot that topic as it was one month ago, but I just read it. However, I think as you already finished the conference we’ve to know about it, How was it? Did you spend good time? Did you create good contacts? Did you meet new people?

  2. mohamed ahmed eldeeb Says:

    al salam 3laikom w ra7mat alah w barkato
    Begad ya Zien go on Rabna ywafa2ak in sha2 alah w to3ly kalamt la elaha ela alah zay ma 3awdtna , enta daynam masl w kodwa lyna w ya rab bardo henak tb2a masl w kodwa ll ISLAM henak
    rabna ywafa2k isa

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