WDS with MSI RG54GS2 and Billion 7401VGP

It took me a while to figure this out but it is finally working. 1st thing to do is update your MSI firmware. I couldn’t get WDS to work until I flashed the device with firmware R1.97f2.

In my case the Billion is connected to the DSL service so I have disabled the DHCP on the MSI device. I suppose you could have it the other way around if you wish. Make sure that both WEP keys are identical as well as the channel. Also note that the AP will have a MAC for the wired network and another for the wireless network. The correct MAC address can be found on the WDS configuration page. Setup -> WDS in case of the MSI and Configuration -> LAN -> Wireless in the case of the Billion.

You will need to reboot both devices and it should work.

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