My New Appartment

Tomorrow I will get the keys to my new apartment! Every time I think about this I give thanks to Allah. Finding a place to rent is one of the most difficult things you can do here in Canberra.

The apartment is just a 20 minute walk from campus. It is also about 5 minutes from Dickson shops. I hope I will happy here 🙂

my apartment

3 Responses to “My New Appartment”

  1. AbdelRahman ElGammal Says:

    Masha’Allah very good news. Good that you put the map here so I can easly find you if I went to Canberra, expect a visit.

    By the way, why you are happy because you live near Dickson shops? is it like Fathalla Market here in Egypt?

  2. Mahmoud AlGammal Says:

    Happy for you Zein!

  3. Ahmed Says:

    AbdelRahman: The Dickson Shops have all the necessities of life 🙂
    Woolworths for groceries, lots of restaurants, computer shops, etc