My Daughter… The Adventurer

It has been 3 Months since I have seen my daughter and I miss her terribly 🙁 ! My wife sends me photos so I can keep up with the rapid changes. Boy, do these kids grow 🙂

I am sharing one of the latest photos (and one on my favorites) where Mariam shows her great adventurous spirit and in deep contemplation, plans how to get out of her cot.


6 Responses to “My Daughter… The Adventurer”

  1. Mahmoud AlGammal Says:

    Masha2 Allah. Compare that to the last time I saw her!

  2. Ahmed Says:

    Yes I know Mahmoud. It is amazing!

  3. AbdelRahman ElGammal Says:

    Masha’Allah, It’s my first time to see her. She’s very beauty.

  4. mohamed Hamdy Says:

    masha2alah, bas shaklaha sha2ya moooot 🙂

  5. Mohamed Sabry Says:


    i miss u like CRAZY !!!! enta feen yabny ????!!!
    keda bardu whats ur phone number ?? call me or send me ay 7aga !!!
    masha2allah rabena yebareklak fi bentak 🙂

  6. Kimz Says:

    Masha’Allah, soooooo cute
    rabbena yebareklak feha:)