I gave my first tutorial today :)

I have been asked to fill in for one of the tutors for a computer networking course. It seems that he was not able to finish the semester (only half of the semester left now). I have two, 2 hour sessions on Wednesday and today was my first try. I had only about 10 students in the first lab and about 5 in the second and I think I did better in the 2nd session then the first.

To tell you the truth I am not sure that enough of the first session students even understood me. We had to go quite slowly as the students had a very bad understanding of the basic network functions. I had people fumbling with, socket() bind() and accept() I wouldn’t have minded if that was what we were supposed to cover, but it seems that they took this stuff about a month ago.

Also I had this bad feeling that 2 kids were laughing about me, but a just told myself that I was just been silly and even if they were it doesn’t matter :). I gradualy worked them towards select() which was the end goal (a multi-client echo server to be exact -they call it an IRC server- 🙂 ).

I felt that I did better in the 2nd session because I was more focused and I got some feedback about the state of the students from my first session. I also attended Bobs (the senior tutor and a lecturer) 1st session today so that helped me a lot.

So even thought I was really scared that I would be exposed for the impostor I try and convince myself I am not, I was able to go through with not too many casualties.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out 🙂

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  1. AbdelRahman ElGammal Says:

    Masha’Allah, very nice. About what happen with you in the first session and being better in the second one; that’s happen with all of us.

    You know, I teach now in the Regional Informatics Center. I’ve three groups. The first session to me is just like a practice to the other two :D. But to fix that problem; I made a group in Google to discuss what we took in the session. I nearly write all what I said again. But nowadays I try to send to the group an introduction to what I’ll say in the next session so they can understand me better.

    That’s the group link:

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