Andrew Tridgell talks about network protocol analysis at the ANU

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a lecture by Andrew Tridgell at the ANU. He talked about some of the techniques used to analyze undocumented network protocols.

It was a very interesting talk and talk was well presented. I first found it a bit odd that he would just show up at the ANU like that, but it seems that Andrew was at the ANU from 1989 to 1999 and remains a Visiting Fellow of the University.

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  1. AbdelRahman ElGammal Says:

    Masha’Allah, Tridgell is one of the developers who made samba, it sound that you got a very useful lecture. I really miss the useful lectures.
    You know, this term in the Arab Academy is nearly ended (we’re in the 15th week) and I can tell you that I learnt just one new thing, actually it’s not a new thing, it’s a new English word, it’s MANDATORY. I can’t wait to the next term to learn a new word.

    Note: I pay 11000 Egyptian pounds per term.

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