I buy a bike…

On Friday I bought a new bike. Today I cycled to Uni. I now hurt in various areas.
scout bike

I mean the bike seat is HARD. I am not sure but I think I am going to need a padded seat or something. And as I am posting this from collage, I admit that I dread the ride home 🙁

4 Responses to “I buy a bike…”

  1. Amina Says:

    Never mind Ahmed it will get easier with time, and at least you’ll get fit.

  2. Yahya Mowiena Says:

    Dear Bro Ahmad I wish you’re doin fine in Australia. w Mabrouk for the bike use it to increase your stamina and fitness :). Call me as soon as you arrive to Egypt

  3. Faris Says:

    Nice bike. From where I’m sitting this seat looks quite benign to tell you the truth! Could even see the springs underneath it, looks comfy but I won’t bet the farm on it! 1000 mabrook and have lots of fun.

  4. Kimz Says:

    How about buying a Rollerblade 😛