Today I meet my Supervisor

I will be meeting my supervisor in about 3 hours. I will also see about my enrollment procedures. Hope it all goes well.

I had arranged to see a 2nd hand bike today and was planning to buy it unless there was something wrong with it. I got an email a while ago from the owner that he already sold it. To tell you the truth I feel quite betrayed 🙁 I mean I told the guy I wanted the bike and he gave me a place and date to see it. Why would then go and sell it with out giving me that chance to buy it first?

Something good that happened is that I met (over the phone) two Egyptians. Dr Khalid Abbas, Chairman of the Canberra Muslim Community and Amro a political Science student at the ANU.

In Shaa’ Allah thing will get better.

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  1. Kimz Says:

    InshaAllah 🙂

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