Australia is expensive

Today I went to the closest mall (Canberra City Center) and visited Target. I expected Target to be Australia’s Wallmart. To my surprise it was in general more expensive that SuperBarn (I had never heard of it before).

Next to SuperBarn was a fruit and vegetable shop so I went to see how much fruit costs in this country 🙂 boy was I in for a shock 🙂
I bought 4 bananas , 4 peaches and 4 nectarines for 11.30!!! I can’t help but comparing that to how much it would have cost me back home (about $2).

For the first time in my life I find myself having to be careful with my money this way. I have given my self a ration of 2 pieces of fruit per day. It is a very weird sensation. I feel…. poor 😀

Anyway, I am looking at a bike on Monday that looks very good in the picture so I hope to buy it and become mobile. I am also meeting my supervisor (Dr. Alistair) for the first time on Monday as well. I hope it all goes well.

3 Responses to “Australia is expensive”

  1. Mohammed Sameer Says:

    You never compare it like this.

    Compare it to how much do you earn in Australia.

    Here in Finland, I’m renting a flat for 550 euros which nice for a furnished one. That’d be 4000 LE in Egypt. I’d rent the greatest flat ever if I pay 4000 LE in Egypt butI still can’t calculate it like that.

    1 LE in Egypt = 1 Euro in Finland 😉

  2. Ahmed Says:

    Actually I am getting just about the same amount 🙁 I was working full time in a managerial position in Egypt but I am getting student pay from the ANU here.

  3. Mohammed Sameer Says:

    I’m getting less!!!

    No idea how I’m able to survive with less honestly!!

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