A big change

It has been so long since I last blogged. So many things have changed since then. The biggest change is that I changed continents 🙂 I actually moved from Africa (Egypt) to Australia. I am at the Australian National University getting my Masters degree.

The trip itself was a big event. It took me about 2 days to get here from Egypt. I am currently undergoing the cultural shock phase. The difference between ANU and the AAST is astounding.

I am however having some issues with finding Halal food and stuff. I also miss my family and friends terribly. Things here are very expensive. I payed $7.10 for a falafel sandwich 🙂 This is very funny as a falafel sandwich (about 1/3 of the size) cost about LE 0.50 back home (that is about $0.125).

I also was very lucky in that I received an email from Fenner Hall (Student Dorm) offering a room while checking my email in Dubai. Canberra seams to be going through a rental crisis.

I hope to get adjusted to life in Australia and start making progress in my masters degree. I would like to finish in a year if that is possible.

It is 4:36 AM now. My biological clock wouldn’t let me sleep at normal hours but I am starting to feel tired. I am off to bed then. I have to wake up for fajir in an hour.

2 Responses to “A big change”

  1. Mohammed Sameer Says:

    I completely understand how you feel.

    I’ve left Egypt since a month and a half and I miss everything although I don’t think I’ve suffered from the cultutal shock except for a few days.

    Find Egyptians. I know you might kick my ass for saying that but I wish I can find some here. It’s not easy to get new Australian friends but it’ll be easier to get Egyptian ones.

    And thank god they speak English in Australia and you managed to find falafel 🙂

  2. Ahmed Says:

    That is my plan 🙂
    I met 2 new Egyptians today and life is looking better. I have no urge at all to kick your ass at all. 😀

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