Wow… What a week

Now before you say “Yeah, I had a tough week too”, I will present you with a short summary of what my week was like šŸ™‚

  • Wednesday, 6th Dec: I bought a nifty Casio EX-Z120
  • Thursday, 7th Dec: My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (Mariam).
  • Friday, 8th Dec: We discover that Mariam has ABO HDN and had a Bilrubin level of 14! The immediately started photo-treatment but the Bilrubin levels still jumped to 16. Doctors told me that if it reaches 18 we will have to do a blood transfusion! They gave her an injection that brought it down to 13
  • Saturday, 9 Dec: Bilrubin level fluctuating between 13 and 14!
  • Sunday 10 Dec: no change in the Bilrubin level! At night Mariam starts vomiting and has a bit of distention
  • Monday, 11 Dec: Doctors tell me that as Mariam was not responding to the medication given for distention they did some x-rays and it looks like there is an intestinal obstruction that needs to be operated on ASAP! We call a surgeon and when he finally comes 2 hours later, he asks for a gastrophile! We are directed to Prof. Dr. Mazloom Zakariya, whom I must say is a great Doctor! He squirts something with iodine in her stomach via a gastro-nasal tube (a tube that goes through the nose into the stomach) and x-rays to see where the obstruction is! This is when the wheel started to turn :). Dr. Mazloom told us that there was no obstruction that he could tell of, but she did have chronic distention and he would like to see here again tomorrow
  • Tuesday, 12 Dec: Dr. Mazloom take another look at her and tells me that all is well but there is something wrong with her colon! he wants to give her a chance to git rid of what’s in her tummy so we need to see him after 24 hours! The hospital tells us that the Bilrubin level is down to 10 but they do not want to release her yet
  • Wednesday 13 Dec: Dr. Mazloom tells me Mariam is 100% ok, the hospital tell me she her bilrubin level is down to 7. I take her home šŸ˜€
  • Now that the week is over and I contemplate upon the happenings, I realize how much Allah has blessed me! I encourage anyone who goes through anything similar to have faith in Allah and never stop praying!

    You know, all in all, I think we paid a very cheap price for Mariam šŸ™‚ (The light of my heart)

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