The new server that kept me up all night to install

We got a fancy new server at gawab yesterday! specs as follows:

  • Intel S5000VSA board
  • 2x Dual core Xeon 5130 processor with VT support!
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 3ware 9650SE-8LPML SATA II controller
  • 8x 400GB SATA HDDs
  • 2x onboard GigaBit Ethernet
  • We used to use a debian iso from 3ware to install our servers. But this time the ethernet controllers were not recognized! The controller in question is the Intel 82563EB controller. You can find Linux drivers here. I configured the linux source tree for kernel 2.6.8 (the version used by the Debian CD) and made the new e1000 module! However, when we tried to continue the installation we found that Debian couldn’t recognize the 3ware card. After finding this article, the solution was apparent; i had to find a distro with a 2.6.19 kernel or better!

    All I could find was feisty fawn herd 1. (Ubuntu 7.04 RC1) and for some reason it took an hour to download. but at last we burned it and installed.

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    1. Mark Pearson Says:

      I have a 2U system based on a Intel S5000PAL server board which also features the 82563EB ethernet controller. I have installed Ubuntu 7.1 (which uses the 2.6.22 Linux kernel) but I get an error “device not found” when I do ‘ifconfig eth0’. I now suspect that it’s a driver issue. I have downloaded the tar.gzip package for the base driver. The readme file suggests that doing a ‘make install’ in the correct directory will compile the driver module. Is this what you found? I’m baffled that this driver support does not seem to be built in to Ubuntu server version 7.1. Or perhaps I have a different problem. Any comments?
      Mark Pearson, Earlham College

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