The joys of Fatherhood

It is 5:20 AM and I this is my third post today!! 🙂 You see, my wife and I discovered that is not really easy to sleep with Mariam! (If she takes a deep breath we both wake up startled 🙂 ) so when Mariam got her last feed at 3:00 AM I told my wife to sleep till the next feeding time (6:00 AM) and I will look after Mariam until then, giving her a chance to get some sleep! so here I am typing away on my laptop while she sits here in front of me sleeping! I have to go change her dippers as it looks (smells) like she has been to the bathroom 🙂

It’s bonding time 😀

3 Responses to “The joys of Fatherhood”

  1. BooDy Says:

    Congratulations, تتربى Ù?ÙŠ عزك 🙂

  2. Yahya Mowiena Says:

    May Allah bless her.

  3. amrabolaila Says:

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