My first open source project

After looking for a simple clean application to hold my book collection and coming up empty, I decided to write one myself!

The application is written in Ruby on Rails (ROR) and will have the following features!

  • admin user to update and edit
  • book grabber from amazon (enter the ISBN and all the data is entered automagicly -including the image of the front cover-)
  • search by author, category ,book title or publisher
  • list or grid view
  • sexy smart looking with a very clean interface!
  • rate books
  • wish list
  • mark as borrowed with the borrowers name

I have registered a project at and will upload the source as soon as the project is approved!

here are a couple of screen shots:

books grid view

books list view

7 Responses to “My first open source project”

  1. Ramy M. Says:

    Does it link to a file on the HDD? if it doesn’t please make it does.
    you can make it open the file by clicking on the thumbnail, and open the amazon page by clicking on the description.

  2. Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Egypt: Books Collection Application - Open Source Says:

    […] After looking for a simple clean application to hold his books collection and coming up empty, Ahmed El Zein decided to write his won application. It is written in Ruby on Rails (ROR) and is Open Source. Find some snapshots here! Haitham Sabbah […]

  3. Taran Rampersad Says:

    Looks pretty cool 🙂

  4. Ximo Says:

    I am relatively new to linux. What IDE did you use to do your project? I am still using gedit and gdb. On another note, is there a comprehensive IDE like VS 2005 :$ on linux we bel marra have a make file generator?

  5. Ahmed Says:

    to tell the truth I am addicted to vim 🙂 I do most of my coding with it! but if you are looking for an IDE Eclipse is THE IDE for linux!

    You can find plugins for almost all languages… some I have used and liked are:
    EPIC (perl), RadRails (Rails), and CDT (C/C++)

  6. Ahmed Says:

    Ramy: I am not sure what you mean! all the data (including the front cover) is stored locally. Amazon is used to retrieve the book information automatically from the ISBN number! take a look at

    Keep the comments coming as this thing is still alpha and need lots of work!

  7. Ximo Says:

    thanks ya ahmed

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