Linux 2.6.18 and VMWare

I upgrade the kernel in one of my linux guests to and when i tried to run to recompile the vmxnet module I got an error that looks like:

The directory of kernel headers (version @@VMWARE@@ UTS_RELEASE) does not match your running kernel (version

It seems that 2.6.18 defines the UTS_RELEASE somewhere else so I had to add it manualy to the version.h file in my linux headers directory

This will work too 🙂

echo "#define UTS_RELEASE \"`uname -r`\"" >> /usr/src/linux/include/linux/version.h

One Response to “Linux 2.6.18 and VMWare”

  1. Ratnadeep Joshi Says:

    Yeah, they have moved that to utsrelease.h