At last I am re-connected to the world

About a month a go I moved into my new apartment! We had not yet installed the telephone line but I imagined that this was a simple operation… I was wrong! I now expect to get a phone line in approximately 1 month. But even when I do get it, Egypt Telecom will install a wireless carrier which translates to no DSL for me….

But I was lucky enough to find a “wasla” company called Friends that had networked a building about 60 meters away, so we ran a cat5e cable from their building to ours!

At fist the case seamed hopeless as we had about 18% packet loss and the result speed was about 3kBps but after adding an extra switch just at the edge of the other building the losses went way!
I am now connected to the Internet, sure the speed is not stable (10-50)kBs but at least I am connect and I am very thankful for that.

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  1. Ximo Says:

    the new wireless standard 802.11n will overcome this problem and give you higher speed than the 100Mbps lan 😀
    Wait untill next year and you can more stability (and less security :s )

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