The problem with Egyptian drivers

It is a problem I face every day… it makes me mad just thinking about it! It is not something nice to find yourself daydreaming of the various ways that the car in front of you could meet its timely destruction πŸ™

I have spent many hours in deep thought, trying to unravel the mysteries of why driving in Egypt is so bad. I have driven in England, Australia and Saudi Arabia but I have never found myself praying that the driver in front of me crash as just punishment for the crimes he commits against humanity just by sitting behind the steering wheel.

I have discovered that Egyptian drivers suffer from 3 things, all of which start with the letter S.

First we have “Sluggish”! Basically I am trying to say that Egyptian drivers respond with the speed of a slug (by definition of sluggish -showing characteristics of a slug-). This is very evident at traffic lights and at sharp bends or at crossroads. It takes forever for the average driver to take off after such stops.

In second place we have “slow”. Now this is different from sluggish. This is 3 cars taking up 3 lanes all cruising at 15 kilos/hour, virtually blocking the whole street.

3rd we have “stupid”. As an Egyptian I am very sorry to confess that stupidity is one of the major issues that prevents traffic from flowing smoothly. A classic example is a driver confronted with a braking vehicle will immediate swerve to the left no matter that there is a car coming up on his left. He wouldn’t be able to see it anyway as most drivers do not believe in the use of mirrors. In fact many cars in Egypt will not have any side mirrors or have them folded in.

Lets conclude… we have Sluggish, slow, stupid drivers that are making my life a lot harder just by existing πŸ™

You know I feel better after writing that πŸ™‚

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