I am have been reading a lot about other peoples ideas as to why Ubuntu is so successfully! I would like to add my two cents 🙂
I think the only thing in which Ubuntu differs from debian is the availability of certain packages that are basically “cool” or useful! I have been using Debian for more than 2 years now and I have had a look at Ubuntu so I think I know what I am talking about!!

As the Linux community is rapidly closing the gap between it and other (read M$) communities in terms of user friendly GUI apps. a time frame of 3 months can mean a lot of changes to the users desktop experience.

Some distributions like fedora have the latest packages, so you might ask what Ununtu has over Fedora or SUSE. The answer lies in APT!! Nothing is like APT.

so lets summarize it all up in a little table

ease of package management up to date cool packages
Fedora no yes
Debian yes no
Ubuntu yes yes

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