I love rain

It is winter now in Egypt and that means rain!! Some people in other parts of the world get rain all the time so they may not get the importance of rain here in Egypt. We only get rain in winter… imagine that you had to wait year round just to see the wonderous view of small water drops falling from the sky 🙂

As Muslims rain has exrta meanings. Prayers are answered at the time of rainfall, so here is a prayer that the Muslim Ummah regains its lost glory and peace settles upon the earth! Aaameen

so now it is time for everyone to settle down with something hot to drink and watch that rain…..

One Response to “I love rain”

  1. Alaa Says:

    liar, it isn’t raining in Egypt, it almost doesn’t rain in Egypt

    the general rule is, if it didn’t happen in Cairo then it never happened.

    rain eih ya beto3 el akalim.

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