At last, I convert my rm files with vsound

vsound allows you to record the output of any standard OSS program (one that uses /dev/dsp for sound) without having to modify or recompile the program. It uses the same idea as the esddsp wrapper from the Enlightened Sound Daemon (in fact, vsound is based on esddsp). That is, it preloads a library that intercepts calls to open /dev/dsp, and instead returns a handle to a normal file. It also intercepts ioctl’s on that file handle and logs them, to help convert the audio data from its raw form. Vsound then uses sox to convert the raw data to the desired file format.

The above text is from the manpage. I converted an rm file to wav using the following command:

vsound -f output.wav realplay realaudiofile.rm

Realplayer goes ahead and plays the file and you don’t hear anything! The audio stream is been redirected to the output.wav file. The vsound program ends when you stop realplayer.

Job done!!

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